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Schedule Outlook or Microsoft Teams meetings and send calendar invites right in your Jira issue.

Quick overview

News & Highlights

  • New: Schedule meetings simple or advanced

  • Highlight: Suggested meeting times panel
    → Our app shows all calendar availabilities of the persons involved based on their Outlook calendars (meeting suggestions also consider time zones of all users and configured working hours)
    → Add another attendee and the meeting times update automatically!

  • Highlight: After sending out the meeting, a separate Outlook invitation is send out, as well!
    → Jira refreshes automatically and a scheduled meeting panel appears directly in the Jira issue (visible for all involved persons)

  • New: calendar sidebar! Get an overview about meetings before and after your planned time slot

  • When the meeting is about to start → Join easily by clicking on the link in the panel

  • When the meeting has ended, all relevant data to the meeting (e.g. Teams Chats when the meeting was held via Teams) are also shown in the Jira issue

Schedule a meeting

Simple mode

Our meetings feature comes with a new UI and makes scheduling even more intuitive and transparent.

Schedule a meeting with just a few clicks.

Advanced mode

Change the meeting duration and set an individual date. Use known Outlook settings e.g. show the meeting as “free/busy”, choose a category, set reminder and / or decide on the Outlook sensitivity.

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Jira Server

Access our meetings feature either via the drop down menu or via the sidebar. This is also where you can see all scheduled meetings to the issue.

The UI when scheduling a meeting is all the same like in Jira Cloud (see above & below).

Accessibility options / Jira comments


Make it a public meeting and allow all users to join the meeting.


Make it private and restrict the attendees to only those ones who are actually invited.

Meeting templates

Time saver

Set-up templates for your meeting screens and save time for e.g. meetings which occur repetitively and have the same purpose.

🔎 Learn more.

Call via Teams

Call right away

Open the glance view via “People and Meetings” and see the availabilities of involved persons.

You can now either call them via Teams or send a message.

Outlook Meetings panel

Meetings panel in issue

All involved persons can see that a meeting has been scheduled. Join with a click of a button.

Chats from meetings held via Teams are shown in the Jira issue, too.


  • Activation of Meetings feature by Jira admin → the feature works right away!

  • Works for Jira Cloud & Server (publicly available)

  • Works with Microsoft 365 (the calendar sync requires M365 log-in)

Configuration options