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Which third-party apps do you support?

Fortunately, we support various third-party apps!

With our new Outlook Email for Jira you will have your app features always at hand when using our add-in.

We always support the latest version of the third-party app. Thus, we cannot guarantee if older app versions will work properly in the add-in.

Many marketplace apps provide their own custom fields. We try to support them in the create issue screen and in the sidebar.

But, we can do a bit more for you! In the following, there is a listing of all third-party apps we support depending on whether you use Jira Cloud or Jira Server. Moreover, we have enhanced some custom fields per app to make work life easier for you.

For Jira Cloud

For Jira Cloud there are Jira Portfolio and Tempo timesheets that we support in our Jira for Outlook add-in.

For Jira Portfolio there are the following custom fields which can be personalized to your individual needs:

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Points

  • Team Field

  • Parent link

For Jira Tempo timesheets you can adapt the following custom fields:

  • Team Field (e.g. you can add a “customer field” to assign to a certain team)

  • Account Field

For vLinks - Easy Issue Linking you can adapt the following custom fields:

  • Multiple Issue Picker Field

  • Single Issue Picker Field

For Jira Server/ Data Center

For Jira Server we also support the above-mentioned apps Jira Portfolio and Jira Tempotimesheets to the same extent. Additionally, there are some more apps we integrate in our Jira for Outlook add-in.

For Elements Connect (formerly called nfeed) you can do adjustments on the following custom field:

  • Live Text field

  • snapshot text field

  • snapshot user field

  • You can use velocity references (if it doesn’t work, send us your configuration)

For Insight Assets you can do individual adaptations to the custom fields:

  • Object/s

  • Referenced Object

  • Referenced Object (multiple)

For Stagil Assets you can personalize the below mentioned custom fields:

  • Asset

  • Relationship

For User Property Manager (OBSS) you can use the following custom fields:

  • User Property Select List Field (UPM)

  • User Property Text Field (UPM)

For Dynamic Forms we only support the option to use the provided fields. Note, that we can’t provide the functionality to hide/show fields like they are configured. (There is currently no way to request the configuration, therefore we can’t support it)

  • Dynamic Forms Select

  • Dynamic Forms Multiselect

  • Dynamic Forms Checkboxes

  • Dynamic Forms Cascading List

  • Dynamic Forms Radio Button

  • Dynamic Forms secured Select (always shows all options)

  • Dynamic Forms secured Multiselect (always shows all options)

For CRM for Jira - Customers & Sales (Teamlead) we support the following custom fields:

  • Contacts CRM

  • CRM Contact

  • CRM Companies select field

  • CRM Company

  • CRM Single product select

  • CRM multi product select field

Icon Select (latest supported version is 8.5.4)

Catworkx Moneyfield is a private app. Thus, it is not available at the Atlassian Marketplace.

Watcher free app to add watchers to an issue

For vLinks - Easy Issue Linking you can adapt the following custom fields:

  • Multiple Issue Picker Field

  • Single Issue Picker Field

Coming soon!

We care about our clients and partners needs. This is why there will be even more apps to be integrated in our Outlook Email for Jira. Detailed information on each of them will follow.


As we integrate a third-party app in our Outlook Email for Jira, the create issue screen in Outlook looks slightly different to the screen in Jira. However, the functionality of our add-in allows you to focus on only one program while having all relevant features of the app available to work with.