Upgrade to Microsoft 365 for Jira

We have bundled all yasoon Jira apps in one product: Microsoft 365 for Jira.
This includes the integrations between Microsoft Teams, Outlook, To Do and Jira.

Learn more about Microsoft 365 for Jira here.

How to upgrade

You’re using Jira apps from yasoon (Outlook Email, Microsoft Teams, Outlook Meetings, To Do) and want to switch to Microsoft 365?

Switch to Microsoft 365 for Jira

If you want to connect Jira and your Office tools further, you can look into switching to Microsoft 365 for Jira, which includes all our Jira apps. Depending on how many apps by yasoon you’re using, this even might be a cheaper way to connect your work worlds.

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Security is our highest priority. That is why we are constantly taking part in certification processes. Take a minute and learn more on our data security and storage, privacy & permissions and certifications.

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We’re constantly evolving Microsoft 365 for Jira with more features for an even deeper integration.

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Depending on how many apps you are already using it might increase or decrease the overall pricing.

If you’re using two Jira apps from yasoon, you can license and install our bundled Microsoft 365 for Jira application and cancel the subscription of the two single apps afterwards. All of yasoon's Jira integrations are combined in Microsoft 365 for Jira.

Read more on the technical requirements here.

Lucky for you, we have compelling use cases especially for Jira Service Management users. Check out our ITSM demo video.

You’ll need support & guidance in implementing Microsoft 365 for Jira in your company? Contact us!