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Create support tickets from Microsoft Teams

Use your Jira Service Management portal in a custom tab in Microsoft Teams!

Let customers create support tickets from Microsoft Teams. The support team sees the requests right in Jira Service Management and can chat with the user within the Jira issue – based on MS Teams chat.

Note: Working with Forms in JSM?
With the latest version of Microsoft 365 for Jira, Forms are fully supported in your customer portal app in Microsoft Teams. See here!

Microsoft Teams app_Customer Portal.jpg

Customer portal

Microsoft Teams app_Customer Portal_Service desk.jpg

Customer portal - in Teams

Access the customer portal and pin it. Choose a service desk (if available) and raise your ticket.

Note: Your MS/Teams admin needs to install the portal first.

Customer portal - Jira settings

Please note: The icon in your sidebar and the choice of service desks in your Microsoft Teams may differ, dependently of the settings and service desks determined by your admin.

Raise a ticket

Raise a ticket

Pick a service desk and raise your ticket just like you’re used to in your Jira portal.

Suggested articles

As soon as you’re entering a “summary” (topic of your issue), our app provides you with suggested (documentation) articles of your Confluence space (if set so in your Jira settings - see above).

Create the ticket

Fill out the requested fields and raise your ticket within minutes.

Forms are also supported. So whenever you added forms (templates) to request types, they are displayed here.

Ticket created

As soon as your ticket has been created, you get a success banner in Teams telling you that you ticket has been successfully submitted.

My request tab

Overview of requests

Use the “my request” tab to stay in the loop of the status of your requests raised.

Click on an issue and even check out any details to it.

Detailed issue view

By clicking on one of your requests in the “my request” tab, you can access additional information to your ticket - right in MS Teams.

You can also cancel the request if the issue no longer exists or you already found a solution on your own.

Forms in customer portal

Choose your form

Choose your form (template) in Jira you’d like to add to your request type.

Choose your request type

Add the form to your request type in Jira.

Customer portal

Go to your customer portal in MS Teams to raise a ticket.

Use your form

Choose the request type and raise your ticket by using your form (template).

Create the ticket

When all fields are filled out, the ticket can be raised.


Feature requirements

In order to create support tickets from MS Teams, the following set-up and configuration needs to done:

Jira & Microsoft deployment

  • Jira Cloud, Jira Server & Data Center (Server needs to be publicly available)

  • Microsoft 365 & MS Exchange