App set-up

You’re not far from using all beneficial features of Microsoft 365 for Jira for you and your team. Activate your favorite features and get to know which Microsoft add-ins suits you best.

Learn how to set-up Microsoft 365 for Jira to your individual needs. Our app can be set-up very quickly in the first place. We recommend to start basic if you’re completely new to our product to learn more about it.

For sure you can also use the advanced set-up options if you like. You find all information right here.

1. Install app from Atlassian Marketplace

Marketplace installation

On the Atlassian Marketplace → Search for “Microsoft 365 for Jira” → Click on “Try for free”.

Alternatively, go via “Manage apps” in your Jira admin settings.

If you need further assistance, follow the instructions here.

2. Activate features

Feature activation

Look for “Microsoft 365 for Jira” in the sidebar and click on “Getting started”.

Activate a feature and follow steps in the upcoming screens.

We guide you through .

Unsure about a feature? Follow arrows below to check out our short demo videos!

Feature overview

Not sure about a feature? Scroll down in your admin settings and learn more.

Take a look on our short video clips and activate a feature ight away.

Feature visibility

Activate a feature and configure its presence per Jira project, if you like. If not, toggle “active in all projects” and go ahead.

Note: Features for Outlook meetings, calendar and To Do work right away.


3. Set-up done!

Activation done!

It only takes 2 clicks to activate a feature. That was quick!

Want to manage your features? See below under “Manage features”.


You just finished the basic set-up! Go ahead and start working with our features.

Need a more specific set-up of our features? Go to our “Advanced set-up” section.

4. Email and Teams feature specifics

Our Email and Teams feature require additional settings in order to use their full potential.


When activating the Email feature, you’ll need to install our Outlook add-in, as well.

Why? It is the Outlook add-in that connects Jira with your Outlook and thus, enables you to use Jira features in your Outlook inbox (e.g. to create Jira issues based on your emails).

Get the Outlook add-in


When activating the Teams feature, you’ll need to install our Microsoft Teams - Smart Connect app.

Why? It is the Teams app that connects Jira with your Microsoft Teams and thus, enables you and your team to use Jira features in Microsoft Teams (e.g. to create Jira issues based on Microsoft Teams conversations and/or chats or to share Jira issues with your team in Teams to discuss them).

Get the Microsoft Teams app

Advanced set-up

Manage features

Set defaults for all projects

By clicking on “enable”, the feature will be available in all of your Jira projects.

“Disable” a feature again (for all your projects), if you wish to.

Project specific settings

You won’t need every feature in every project?

Select your project, toggle it on / off and make Microsoft 365 for Jira to fit your personal needs

Configure features

Configure your feature settings in more detail. Choose the feature in your sidebar of your admin settings and follow steps to configure it to your needs.

Admin responsibilities

Our Microsoft 365 for Jira App offers huge functionality in Jira and your Microsoft 365 tools.

Thus, we want to give you an overview of those features your Jira and/or Microsoft 365 admin needs to configure/activate.

Jira admin

  • Installs Microsoft 365 for Jira app from Atlassian Marketplace

  • Activates features in the admin settings

  • Creates application link (if Email feature is activated) Jira Cloud only

  • Manages user access for Email and Microsoft Teams feature

Microsoft 365 admin

  • Email feature: Installs & deploys Outlook add-in

  • Microsoft Teams feature: Installs Microsoft Teams app and / or Customer Portal in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams owner

  • Microsoft Teams feature: Installs Microsoft Teams app and / or Customer Portal in Microsoft Teams

Please let us know if you need further assistance when setting up the app for the first time !