Automation: Actions

This feature is currently in an exploration stage for Cloud, meaning we’ve released it early, to learn, how customers use it and how to improve it. Therefore, the documentation is still growing. The feature will be released for Data Center in the future, too.

If you have any questions or are eager to share feedback, we’d be very happy to hear your thoughts.


Actions in a Microsoft 365 tool are fired, if a specific condition is met in Jira. You can create and configure an action via template. To use it in an automation, copy the Jira Webhook URL in the action template. Alternatively you can also use this Webhook inside your Postfunction if you don’t want to consume a Jira automation.

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Overview actions

Explore the potential and features of our Microsoft 365 actions.

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Create Teams chat

Send a message in a Teams chat and include the participants of your choice. This action will fire the “Chat created” trigger when completed. The chat creator must be a single user and will always be part of the chat. We recommend to create a new service user until we support dynamic user selection.

Configurable data:

  • User starting the chat

  • Other participants (User field)

  • Title (Template)

  • Initially posted message (Template)

  • Shared chat access

Example: When an issue goes into the Jira column “review”, start a group chat with the reviewer and the assignee to discuss the review.

Reply Teams chats

Reply to all Teams chats linked to the issue, that have the bot installed (Enable Notifications in Customer Portal necessary).

Configurable data:

  • Chat messages

Example: Post an additional message after resolving a request to inform the participants that this chat cannot be used for further communication, and advise them to submit a new request if they require further assistance.

Create Teams conversation

Post a message in a Teams channel of your choice. This action will fire the “Conversation created” trigger when completed.

Configurable data:

  • User creating the conversation and posting the first reply

  • Channel in Teams

  • Initially posted message (Template)

Example: Use a dedicated, monitored Teams channel to be notified of escalating issues, either customer request or in development / operations. This action can be triggered by any Jira automation trigger, e.g. when an issue gets a “Escalated” status, or a critical priority.

Reply Teams conversations

Add a comment to all Teams conversations linked to the issue the user posting the reply has access to.

Configurable data:

  • User posting the reply

  • Message (Template)

Example: When a Teams conversation is already linked to an issue reply to that conversation that the SLA of first response of that issue is about to breach shortly.

Send bot message

Send a bot message to a user who has installed the Teams bot.

Configurable data:

  • Users the message should be sent to (User field)

  • Message (Template)

Example: When a bug has been created and an assignee is set send him a customized bot message to inform him about about the content of the ticket.

Backup Teams messages

Add a backup file for each chat and channel conversation to the Jira issue.

Configurable data:

  • User accessing the chats/conversations

  • Backup chats only, conversations only or all of them (Will only work if the defined user has access)

Example: If the Jira issue goes in the column “done” the action is triggered to export all information in Teams chat and channel conversations to a static PDF file, which will be added to the Jira issue, e. g. for audit purposes. Even if the chat or conversation has been deleted in Microsoft Teams, the static PDF file will still be documented in your Jira issue. Furthermore keywords of the conversation can be added to the comment section.

Send Outlook email

Send an email to the recipients of your choice.

Configurable data:

  • User sending the mail (Only email addresses from your Azure Active Directory tenant can be added)

  • Recipients (CC, BCC)

  • Subject (Template)

  • Message (Template)

  • Shared email access

Example: If the Jira ticket has transitioned to a configured status, the action is used to send a status report to the stakeholder.

Create Outlook meeting

Send a meeting to the participants of your choice.

Configurable data:

  • User creating the meeting

  • Subject (Template)

  • Attendees (User field)

  • Description (Template)

  • Start date time (Parsed from an issue field)

  • End date time (Parsed from an issue field or fixed to start date)

  • Timezone

  • All-day

  • Location (Template)

  • Teams meeting

  • Private meeting

  • Shared meeting access

Example: When an issue goes into the Jira column “review”, create an Outlook meeting with the reviewer and the assignee.

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