Outlook Calendars for Confluence

Welcome to the documentation for our Outlook Calendars for Confluence app.

We're currently working on a completely new version of Outlook Calendars for Confluence cloud launching March 3rd. Along this major update, our support portal will be relaunched as well. Take this way to our new Support Portal!


Outlook Calendars for Confluence is your calendar in Confluence powered by dates from Microsoft 365 and Jira. The Outlook calendar provides a battle-tested solution to plan projects and meetings. We bring the power of Outlook to Confluence – therefore offering a great alternative to Team Calendars for Confluence.

Features in Confluence:

  • Add calendars pages or spaces – autonomously to your own Outlook if desired
  • Show and edit personal or team Outlook calendars
  • Schedule Outlook meetings
  • Visualize Jira issues and sprints in a calendar view
  • Use the scheduler view to plan meetings or projects


  • Get a complete overview of all relevant dates in Confluence, no other calendar needed
  • Improve your project management with greater transparency
  • Simplify user access to shared Outlook calendars
  • Avoid managing events in multiple places, real-time data from Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange
  • Easy setup


  • Works on Confluence Server and Cloud
  • Microsoft 365 subscription (school or business)