We are happy to release the new version of our Outlook Calendars for Confluence! There is a lot going on, so let's dive right in.


Upgrade Notes


Please note that the cloud version of Outlook Calendars for Confluence skipped v1.4, so these release notes also apply for this update.

  • You'll need to re-login if you are using Office 365
  • You should have no issue upgrading from the previous version.

New Features


  • Show spinner in macro view if calendars are loading
  • Event callout stays at the place where it is called
  • Loading spinner now stops if an error occured while loading
  • The title doesn't overlap the forward buttons anymore on narrow calendars
  • Fixed editing Jira calendars 

Known Issues

  • Clicking outside of the app does not close open modals 
  • Calendar permissions ā†’ still ongoing
  • Due to a breaking bug, "Copy to own calendar" cannot copy series at the moment


Outlook groups 

With this release, we now support Outlook groups (requires Office365) šŸŽ‰. You can now easily open existing Outlook group calendars or even create a new Outlook group.  

At the same time we have polished the create and open calendar modal, which is now divided into three different tabs:

  • Personal Calendars
  • Shared Calendars (disabled when no shared mailbox is configured)
  • Outlook Group Calendars (only shown when using Office365)

Settings for displaying the personal and space calendar 

We now have a setting which allows the admin to hide the personal calendar globally. 

You can find this setting in your add-on section in Confluence under "OUTLOOK CALENDARS" ā†’ "Calendar Settings" ā†’ "Appearance".

Like in Confluence Cloud, the Server version now allows you to choose for each space, if the space calendar is visible.

The setting on Confluence Server can be found unter "SPACE TOOLS" ā†’ "Outlook Calendars" ā†’ "Visibility Settings".


Complete overhaul of the create/edit Jira calendar modal 

With this version the create and edit Jira calendar modal has been completely revised and expanded.

At the bottom, there is now the possibility to not only show issues by due date, but also by all system and custom date fields.

In the middle of the screen, you can choose which fields you want to see for this particular calendar.

Left: Screen for selecting the fields. Right: Resulting view when clicking on en event in the calendar.


Calendar icon has now an error-state 

Error messages got improvements in this release as well. If an error occurred while loading a calendar, a warning icon appears.

When hovering over the icon a detailed error message will be shown.

Quick navigation between dates 

To allow a faster navigation between months, weeks and days we implemented two helpful functions:

  1. Days and calendar weeks are now clickable allowing to jump to a specific date/week.

2) Clicking on the title opens a small calendar, which allows you to select a specific date and jump to it.