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Confluence Server / Data Center: Upgrade information

On the beginning of March 2022, we launched version 3 of the Confluence calendar app for Confluence Server and Data Center. It follows a lot of the concepts from the Cloud version and has many improvements to the old calendar.

As connector between Atlassian and Microsoft products, we follow the common directive to further develop towards Cloud. Therefore, we are dropping the connection to Microsoft Exchange and fully focus our development on Microsoft 365. This route offers us a lot more flexibility in shipping useful features to you.

If you are using Microsoft Exchange, do not upgrade to the new version. It won’t work for you. You can still use the old version, which we will provide bugfixes until March 2023. After that, you’ll still be able to keep using the 1.* version, just without support from our side.

Read more on our focus on Microsoft 365

What’s new in version 3?

The new calendar version provides all features as you already know from our old calendar version - and even more.

Kick-start with the new Outlook Calendars for Confluence Cloud and additionally benefit from:

  • a more intuitive UI
    (allowing for better navigation and usage)

  • a newly designed edit screen
    (simplifying the choice of your calendar template)

  • specific sharing options
    (providing the opportunity to define calendar access among user groups)

Learn more about what else is new!

What’s missing:

Although we try our best to provide feature parity with version 1 as well as with the Cloud version, not everything does fit in with the new concepts. This means, that some features for Jira calendars are not available anymore. Namely:

  • Adding calendars from a Jira Cloud instance

  • Adding Jira sprint calendars

But the connection and the login are made a lot easier via application links. This also comes with the benefit of adding Jira calendars from multiple other Jira servers.

How to upgrade

To upgrade to version 3, following requirements must be met:

  • Microsoft 365 subscription (work or school account)

  • Your Confluence instance must be able to reach the public internet (a connectivity check is available on the admin page) - learn more

  • Old settings need to be migrated by an admin in the provided admin page in Confluence, before the calendar can be used

  • Please be aware: Jira calendars only work over application links

Want to learn more about the latest release? Check out our Release Notes!


Can I re-install the old version after migrating to version 3?

→ Yes, that is possible without any changes.

What can I do if the migration fails?

→ We’re happy to assist you with your migration. Just open a ticket in our support portal.

Does the pricing change?

→ No, the pricing does not change.