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Outlook Add-in

Here we will publish the latest changes and bugfixes that went live.

In case you are using the Office add-in and are not seeing the current version (or something seems broken, e.g. white screens), please try to clear your Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge cache.

Current live version

We are rolling updates out in waves - usually the Office Add-In is first, while the COM Add-In will come a bit later. Also, we do have different release channels, so there also might be a delay. We’ll have an option in the future to change the release channel and to force check for a new version.

Release channel

Office Add-in


Release channel

Office Add-in





Fast / Preview



Version 4.3.6

Sep 22, 2021


  • Fixed a bug that mentioning users in the description field or comments from Outlook would not work

Version 4.3.5

Sep 17, 2021


  • Fixed crash for users who don’t have a Jira license yet

Version 4.3.2

Sep 14, 2021


  • Fixed a bug that would only display a blank sidebar COM addin

Version 4.3.0

Aug 27, 2021


  • Added the possibility to show a notification banner in the create / add to issue dialogs, e.g. to warn users to not upload personal information to Jira. This message can be configured in the Jira admin panel.

Version 4.2.14

Aug 6, 2021


  • Fixed a bug causing sidebar conversation issues to be empty when too many issue keys are in the email

  • Added load more functionality for conversation issues

  • Fixed a bug causing sidebar to always try to load exactly 20 issues related to the sender of the email

  • Fixed a bug causing depending elements connect fields to not render values in sidebar

  • Fixed a bug causing elements connect fields depending on the project to not display any options

  • Fixed a bug causing required elements connect fields to be clearable resulting in an invalid UI state

  • Support showing readonlyDisplay for READONLY elements connect fields

Version 4.2.11

Aug 2, 2021


  • Fixed a bug causing elements fields depending on fields having specific values, e.g. Tempo fields

  • Fixed a bug causing the JSM commenting buttons to be cut off in the sidebar for small screens

  • Fixed that the ribbon buttons would not respect the language setting

Version 4.2.10

Jul 21, 2021


  • Introduced the possibility to have a pre-delivered configuration for machine-based installs


  • Fixed a startup race condition which would sometimes fail to load the add-in completely

Version 4.2.8

Jul 13, 2021


  • Fixed a bug causing attachments to break in Jira Server when the subject of the email contained a colon

  • Fixed a bug causing the security field not showing in sidebar when empty

  • Fixed an issue causing JSM comment buttons to not show when choosing an issue in advanced search

  • Fixed a bug causing Elements Connect custom fields to not display the default value set in Jira

  • Fixed a bug causing Elements Connect custom fields to always clear depending fields when changing value, regardless if the options would have still been valid

New features

  • Elements Connect custom fields now editable in the sidebar when not depending on a mandatory field

  • Elements Connect “Live User” custom field is now supported when creating an issue, “Snapshot Date” and “Snapshot Datetime” are now supported when viewing an issue in the sidebar

  • New windows opened from the Office add-in will now open in users' default browser for newer versions of Outlook

  • A banner is now shown when the email feature is deactivated in all projects Microsoft 365 for JIRA

Version 4.2.2

Jun 21, 2021


  • Fixed a connection / project bug when the Jira Server / DC system is not yet updated to 5.0.0+ of the Java app

Version 4.2.1

Jun 15, 2021

New features

  • When connecting to the new, bundled “Microsoft 365 for Jira” app, filter projects in the create issue screen by active projects

  • Added a new setting to control what is added to the description field by default from an email (technical note: It controls what the content of the template variable <BODY> should use. This setting is useful, in case you don’t want to add the content of the email at all, esp. when sharing the full email conversation. Please note: this only applies when you don’t use the text selection to create an issue, text selection always takes precedence.


  • Fixed that the field schema for subtasks was not respected, therefore showing the wrong fields in create issue

  • Fixed a bug that would lead to an empty create issue screen for projects after adding something to an issue before

  • Fixed that recipients template would not be filled correctly if recipients had no Jira user

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent label fields from being filled from template values

  • Fixed a bug that would generate a incorrect file name for .msg-file when the subject contained a slash

  • Fixed a bug in the .msi-installer (per-machine), that would not show the add-in after installation in Outlook

  • Fixed that the project list would show projects where the user has permissions to view, but not create issues

Version 4.1.14

Apr 15, 2021


  • Fixed that JSM request types would not load on Jira Server / DC

  • Fixed that project field would not search by project key

  • Fixed that for hybrid environments, the attachment upload would not work in some cases

Version 4.1.12

Apr 14, 2021


  • Another fix for JSM instances with more than 100 JSM projects

  • Jira email icons now indicate replied/forwarded emails com addin

Version 4.1.5

Apr 2, 2021


  • Fixed that creating new JSM customer users did not work

  • Fixed that JSM projects would not load for instances with more than 100 JSM projects

  • Fixed that some Elements Connect fields would not render correctly in the sidebar

Version 4.1.2

Mar 18, 2021


  • Fixed sub-tasks not showing up in conversation tab in sidebar

  • Fixed sub-tasks not being prefilled in issue field in Add To Issue case if the issue key was found in the email

  • Fixed a bug causing issues to not be shown in the sidebar for projects with numbers in the project key

  • Fixed a bug causing the organizations field to not function correctly for instances with multiple Service Desks

Version 4.1.0

Mar 15, 2021

New Features

  • Description WYSIWYG-Editor is now inline and does not require additional clicks to edit. This has a slight performance penalty, but allows muck quicker editing. There are also new functions to clear the whole content or insert email content

  • When “email/conversation sharing” is enabled (aka you have connected your Microsoft 365 account), we now support inserting only the latest email, not the full history JIRA cloud only


  • Fixed failing issue creation when description field is not on issue screen

  • Fixed that attachments were not correctly loaded in description/comment

  • Organization field now shows all organizations

  • Fixed that when using <sent at> template value, time picker would be blank

  • Fixed pre-filling a label field from a template

  • Fixed that when transitioning issues from the sidebar would not bring up the transition screen JIra server

  • Fixed “Script Error” that would show when IE 11 as webview is used

  • Fixed nFeed custom field

  • Fixed a bug that determined the wrong ServiceDeskId to create issues on behalf of someone else

  • Fixed loading of project icons would take long and not use the cache jira server

  • Improved error message when connection to Jira fails due to certain SSO configurations

  • Re-introduced option to bypass all authentication and fall back to Kerberos auth for all calls

  • Removed an workaround that relied on cmd.exe for an issue with opening links in the default browser com addin

Version 4.0.4

Jan 14, 2021


  • Fixed a newly introduced bug for JSM projects on Jira Server / DC where the first-selected request type would not load correctly

  • Fixed a newly introduced bug when switching between different Jira instances, the project field would not be cleared correctly

Version 4.0.3

Jan 13, 2021

New Features

  • Searching for an issue by issue key is no longer case sensitive

  • When a project is selected you can now search for an issue by its number


  • Performance improvements when loading issue/request type

  • Improved error messages when connecting with a Jira instance using SSO or http only

  • Fixed a bug preventing to create an issue with an empty description

  • Fixed a bug causing the feed to be empty for Jira server

  • Fixed a bug causing user pickers to not show options before typing

  • Fixed a bug causing project field in “Add to issue” to not be prefilled despite checked “Preselect project” setting

  • When changing the value of a “datetime” field it is no longer necessary to change both date and time

  • Organizations field is now displayed correctly in the configured position when creating an issue

Version 4.0.2

Dec 21, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent certain custom fields from populating correctly (e.g. Insight, nFeed)

  • Fixed a bug that would not detect issues in the same conversation correctly

Version 4.0.0

Dec 17, 2020

Version 4 is a major milestone and start of a new development focus.

In accordance with our longterm roadmap, this is the first time we ship new features that are only available with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). Don’t worry, we do not remove any existing support for self-hosted Exchange, but we want to provide a superior experience for those who can use the many possibilities of Microsoft 365.

New Features (Jira Cloud)

We bring a new Email section into the issue view!

  • View shared emails in Jira

  • Send emails and reply directly from Jira

Detailed explanation as well as technical references:

New Features (Outlook add-in)

  • Share your Outlook email or the whole conversation with other Jira users


  • Fixed a bug where users could no longer log in

  • Fixed a bug rarely causing buttons to be invisible

Version 3.14.20

Dec 10, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that would not set reporter correctly for software projects

  • Fixed a bug that would break Sprint field in Jira Cloud

Version 3.14.18

Dec 10, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that IE11 would not connect to Jira Cloud

  • Fixed a bug where the screen would go white in certain rare cases

Version 3.14.16

Dec 9, 2020


  • Fixed a critical bug that would break the COM add-in update and disable the add-in after restart

  • Fixed multiple issues with the reporter / on-behalf of field - we are working on a few more issues, keeping Server & Cloud working with the same set of features is a bit challenging for the on-behalf-of scenario, sorry!

Version 3.14.10

Dec 2, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow the update to be applied correctly

Version 3.14.6

Nov 27, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that the issue search (e.g. in add to issue) was not working with a project selected

Version 3.14.4

Nov 25, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that prevented loading template values

  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to post a comment internally

  • Fixed a bug requiring the user to re-open the dialog after adding a Jira instance

Version 3.14.2

Nov 17, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow logging in to Jira Cloud via API token

  • Fixed a bug with multiple Jira Server instances where switching the instance would result in an error

Version 3.14

Nov 12, 2020

New Features


  • Performance improvement when switching issue type / request type

  • Performance improvement when loading request types on Jira Server (work in progress)

  • Fixed issue when a portal field was mandatory, but the matching issue field was not

  • Fixed issue where reporter user was not correctly applied from template

  • Fixed issue where input of Korean characters was not working in summary field

  • Fixed issue with certain firewalls that would block attachment uploads COM addin

  • Fixed issue where login would be stuck even though it was confirmed in the browser

  • Fixes issue “Quota exceeded” when the local browser storage is full - now you should be able to re-login

  • Fixes for Insight custom fields

Version 3.12

Aug 27, 2020

New Features

  • Epic Sum Up field is now supported

  • Log work is now supported in Create issue

  • Support for centrally managed settings


  • Fixed basic authentication leading to empty screen during login

  • Fixes to attachment upload

  • DateTime field from template is now filled correctly

  • Fixes for connecting to Kerberos / NTLM SSO based Jira systems Com addin

Version 3.11.4

Aug 4, 2020


  • Selected text for some emails was truncated in description COM addin

  • Email header “Attachments” was missing in Add to Issue screen

  • Fixed that dialog would not load for emails from “Draft” folder

Version 3.11.0

Jul 27, 2020

New Features

  • Add Support for WatcherField during Create Issue

  • Performance Improvements for initial loading times

  • [ADMIN]Support for centrally managed add-in settings

  • [ADMIN] Add <ORGANIZATIONS>variable to templates


  • Support more configuration for Insight Fields

  • Fix for assignee with default values

  • Fix that main ribbon would not show up in certain cases COM addin

  • Fix issue for shared mailboxes where dialog would not come up COM addin

  • Fix that auto-updater would break when only .net Core runtime is installed COM addin

  • Adressed some script errors when IE 11 is used for dialogs/sidebar

Known Issues

We have temporarily disabled project avatars due to high impact on performance. We’ll investigate how to bring this feature back in a more efficient way

Version 3.10.0

Jun 30, 2020

New Features

  • Added French translation

  • COM-Add-In: Auto updater can now be disabled in the per-user Add-In via config entry


  • Fixed date-specific templates not being defaulted correctly

  • Special characters in organization name should no longer prevent the organization from being selectable

  • Fixed global Tempo accounts showing up even though they can't be selected to create a new issue

  • The comment created by adding an email to an issue should no longer mark the comment as edited

  • A user without edit permission can now see the issue details in the sidebar

  • Several minor bugfixes

Version 3.9.7

May 19, 2020


  • Fixes a bug that incorrectly rendered bullet point lists at the end of the description

  • (Hopefully) fixes a bug that prevent the add-in to load due to multiple polyfills

  • Fix a bug where no related issues where shown in the sidebar

  • Fix bug that the first image in the description is not shown correctly in editor preview

Version 3.9.6

May 11, 2020


  • Fixes a bug preventing the sidebar to refresh correctly

Version 3.9.5

May 5, 2020

New Features

  • Adding a feed view in the sidebar to see your latest notifications

  • Adding an advanced search on any issue field to find the correct issue easier

  • Show previews of attached images

  • Edit description of the issue in the sidebar

  • Show project icons in project selection

  • Support for concatenated template variables


  • Fixed issue with incorrect image references when renaming an image

  • Fixed an issue that images are not displayed correctly when it was using as a link in the email

  • Improved how layout tables are taken over into the Jira issue markup

  • Improved handling of special characters


Version 3.8.7

Apr 21, 2020


  • Fixed issue that emails with certain special characters in subject or attachment name would hang

Version 3.8.5

Apr 20, 2020

New Features

  • Open issues are now prioritized in issue field (e.g. add to issue)


  • Fixed that attachment link in comment was broken in Jira Cloud

  • Fixed that default assignee would be overriden with “Unassigned” in Jira Cloud

Version 3.8.2

Apr 1, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that would show trial expired screen even though you have a valid license office addin

Version 3.8.0

Mar 31, 2020

New Features

  • Organisation field is now supported Jira service desk

  • Add To/CC recipients to participant field Jira service desk

  • Ability to load more sender issues

  • Ability to rename attachments before upload

  • After install, a welcome dialog will now be shown to guide trough login COM addin


  • Email markup to description should be more stable now

  • Issues can now be created even when the epic field is mandatory

  • Fix for inline images not uploading, being referenced correctly

  • If you edited the subject of an email, this now correctly taken over COM addin

  • Using the <SENTAT> variable in templates now respects timezones

  • Using the <SENDER> variable in templates now works for text fields COM addin

  • For emails with long subjects, attachment area would not render COM addin

  • Sender email address on self hosted Exchange was sometimes not determined correctly (using the /CN format)

  • Creating a second issue from the same email caused the add-in not to load office addin

  • After logging in to a second system, the project list would not load correctly

  • Teamlead CRM + Elements connect fixes

  • Add to issue now shows issue suggestions again after project is selected

  • Date field placeholder (1993) was not great and caused a lot of confusion - this is now fixed

  • Ribbons were not translated to another language COM addin

  • Error message improvements, especially when login expires

Version 3.7.5
office addin only

Feb 28, 2020


  • Switch attachment upload on Outlook for Windows to a more stable API

Version 3.7.4

Feb 25, 2020


  • Fixed an issue where changing the “On Behalf Of” field in JSD would not set the reporter accordingly

  • Fixed an issue in “Add to Issue” screen, where the issue field would not show options when a project is selected

Version 3.7.2

Feb 20, 2020


  • Fixed an issue with certain Jira Cloud systems, where the subject & description would not fill if the reporter is no Jira user

  • Fixed an issue with Jira Server where the reporter user would not be filled or show a loading spinner

Version 3.7.0

Feb 18, 2020

New Features

  • Ability to filter sender issues

  • Create issue now shows a success screen to view the issue instantly Office addin

  • Usability improvements for low-resolution (or high scale) screens


  • Fixed issue where Jira login would not work with SSO based on Kerberos COM ADDIN

  • Fixed broken issue attachment preview on Jira Server, due to missing MIME type COM addin

  • Fixed issue where SLAs would not display correctly in sidebar if too many issues (e.g. sender) are found

  • Fixed reporter creation by email sender in Jira Cloud

  • Fixed issue that would not display certain error messages (e.g. no create rights) in JSD scenario

  • Fixed you could not delete Jira instances that don’t exist anymore (would just spin forever)

  • Fixed internal/public comment feature for Jira 7.* systems

  • Fixed screen not rendering when nFeed 5.* was installed (Jira Server)

  • Fixed inline images in emails would not display/upload correctly from selected text COM addin

  • Fixed issue search when searching for quotes (“)

  • Fixed issue where cascaded select field would not work on portal tab

  • Fixed issue when issue transition would not open screen on Jira Server

Version 3.6.10

Feb 5, 2020


  • Fix that ribbon in Outlook would be sometimes blank com addin

  • Fix that email header is now properly translated to German

  • Fix that signed messages would lose signature after creating issue com addin

  • Fix issue search in add to issue, that sometimes would not work when using characters as “-”

  • Fix creating new user for reporter email address in Jira Cloud

Version 3.6.5

Jan 21, 2020


  • Fix creating issues on some Jira 7.* systems did not work due to assignee field

  • Fix multi-user field on Jira 7.*

  • Fix email item attachment size always showing as 49kb com addin

  • Fix uploading attachments for Jira Server systems behind proxy with mod_security enabled

  • Fix license error for instances coming from the old add-in

Version 3.6.1

Jan 17, 2020

New Features

  • Make all fields editable in sidebar

  • Changed behaviour how sender issues are determined and shown


  • Fix public comments in JSD

  • Fix race-condition where reporter is not set correctly

  • Fixed Label field

Version 3.5.0

Dec 18, 2019

New Features

  • Support for “Parent Link” field of Jira Portfolio

  • Log Work support from sidebar


  • Fix nFeed fields in Service Desk portal

  • Fixed sidebar not working for certain Jira Service Desk issues

  • Fixed 404 error during login on some Jira Server systems

  • Fixed inline images not rendering correctly in new issue view in Jira Cloud

  • Fixed error that would sometimes not load dialog/sidebar COM addin

  • Fixed error “Reporter: User cannot be found” for certain JSD projects

  • Fixed issue with Jira 8.4+ that would not show more than 20 fields on screen

Version 3.4.3

Nov 26, 2019

New Features


  • Inline images in emails should now display correctly in Jira

  • Reporter user search based on sender email did a fuzzy search which sometimes picked the wrong user

  • Epic field is now working in non-english locales

  • Fixed notification popups

  • Fixed issue attachments area in sidebar for Jira Server not showing up

Version 3.4.0

Nov 21, 2019

New Features

  • Show SLAs for Jira Service Desk issues in sidebar

  • Support quick open of issues in Jira by making issue key clickable

  • Related issues in create dialog are now shown less intrusive

  • Support for TeamLead CRM fields

  • Issue keys in subject are now detected (sidebar + add to issue)


  • For some emails, whitespaces would be removed, resulting in “squashed” text

  • Fix creating internal / public comments for Jira Service Desk

  • Installer does continue to install, even if Outlook is running COM Add-in

  • If you select text with inline images, the corresponding attachments are now preselected COM Add-in

  • Misc. UI consistency improvements

Version 3.3.1

Nov 11, 2019

New Features

  • Support for Elements fields (former nFeed)

  • Support for “User Property” fields by OBSS

  • Support for CodeBarrel icon field

  • Attachment improvements

    • Attachment previews COM Add-in

    • Comments now include attachment links

  • Localized date-time picker

  • Project picker is now sorted by recently used project


  • Many improvements to the “Add to Issue” dialog

  • Customer / internal comments from sidebar now working for all configurations

  • .msg attachments now work correctly COM Add-in

  • Inline images are now correctly rendered on Jira Server

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes would show an error in the sidebar

  • Fixed basic auth on Jira Server

  • Transitioning issues on Jira Server now opens a screen if required

November 5th, 2019

Version 3.2.15

New Features

  • Upload of full message as .eml/.msg file is now supported for Jira Server as well

  • Support to configure which web view (IE 11 or Microsoft Edge) should be used COM Add-in

  • Added setting to use non-WYSIWYG editor and edit the raw Jira markup

  • Timetracking fields support

  • Insight Asset fields support


  • Custom issue & request type icons should now display correctly

October 23th, 2019

Version 3.2

We are happy to announce the availability of the new version for all our users! Starting today, you’ll be able to use all the new features, independent on the version of Outlook.

In addition, we are also updating the Jira app, so it’s much easier to get started!

October 18th, 2019

New Features

  • Upload of full message as .eml/.msg file is now supported (Jira Cloud only, Jira Server will get this feature soon)

  • German translation is now available via settings


  • Lot's and lot's of connectivity & license check fixes

September 30th, 2019


  • Ignore default-values for fields not on the screen

  • Fix an logout issue that could result in dead-end (= you could not login again)

September 27th, 2019

This is a larger release that is preparing for the final releases. There are

New Features

  • 🔥 Drag & Drop Emails into issues 🔥

  • Allow attachments from your file system

  • Support Jira Portfolio fields during create issue

  • Support for currency custom fields by Catworkx

  • Allow multiple logins for shared mailboxes

  • Preselect project if project key is found in subject

  • Allow to watch/unwatch issues in sidebar

  • Adding support for upcoming Jira 9


  • Links in Descriptions will correctly open in new window

  • Restore your input if the dialog closes automatically

  • Fix label field

  • Fix icon if you are assigned to an issue for Jira Cloud

  • Fix Request Type icons for Next-Gen projects

  • Make mentioning users work in comments

August 13th, 2019

New Features

  • Enable Inline Editing in Sidebar


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing to upload attachments in private Exchange configurations

  • Fixed Cascading List field

  • Fixed User Field in Jira Server

  • Fixed Recent Users suggestions for when using Jira Cloud

  • Improve support for Tabs in Create Issue Screen

July 23th, 2019


  • Fixed Sprint field was not showing

  • Fixed Epic fields not showing

  • Fixed other custom fields not showing

July 19th, 2019

New Features

  • Multi-Jira support is here 🔥


  • Fixed Multi-User picker

  • Fixed Raise-On-Behalf-Of scenario in Jira Service Desk

  • Fixed a series of login issues

  • Fixed a bug which would lead to random loading issues

  • ... many more 🐛

April 30th, 2019


  • Fixed Date & Time picker field

  • Fixed Radio Select field

  • Fixed Cascading Select field

April 26th, 2019

New Features

  • Sprint field is now supported

  • Switching to issue types in JSD projects is now using a button on the right side, consuming much less screen estate

  • Higher resolution images for issue + request types


  • Fixed an issue with loading the add-in in certain situations ("undefined is not an object (evaluating s.initUserSystemGuid)")

  • Fixed behavior of the reporter field in JSD + Software projects

  • Fixed bugs that prevented the app from working with GDPR related API changes

  • Fixed that request type images would not load

April 20th, 2019

We have been a bit quiet due to the Atlassian Summit.

However, we are glad to announce that the new version is now in the AppSource store (v3.0.5).

Expect more soon!

New Features

  • Pinnable side pane 🚀

  • New icons (not violating Atlassians guidelines anymore 🎉)


  • Just. Too. Many.

February 2nd, 2019

New Features

  • Add ServiceDesk Portal View for ServiceDesk Projects

  • Add Support for Stagil Assets fields

  • Speed up overall loading times


  • Give better errors when adding an attachment fails

  • Make "Create Issue" more responsive, so spinners are shown immediately

  • Old Safari Browser on Outlook for Mac could not render the DropDowns

  • Fix a bug that prevents the login

  • RecentItems where sometimes not written correctly

January 26th, 2019

New Features

  • Add support for Tempo Timesheet Account and Team field in Jira Server

  • Add support for Epic fields

  • Add support for Linked Issues

  • Add support for Riada Insight

  • Allow Lists in the Editor


  • Fix styling issues with attachments

  • Take over login more reliable when switching between Beta and normal version

  • Fix a bug to show the correct notification when there are multiple issues created after each other

  • Fixed a bug in the render when using images as a list item

  • Fix styling issues on attachment field after updating

January 22th, 2019

New Features

  • Add support for Tempo Timesheet Account and Team field in Jira Cloud

  • Safety first to avoid future login issues: Add toggle Beta button to login page


  • Fix a bug that forwards users to login screen after login (endless login loop)

  • Summary and description were not populated correctly when using the addin with BasicAuth for the first time

January 20th, 2019

New Features

  • Make hidden Requesttypes in Servicedesk work

  • Add some guidance how to use an API token

  • Add Default Values for groups & label fields


  • Fix a Cache Bug that slowed down the app

  • Fix a bug causing the screen to scroll down to the Description field

  • Fix a bug that moved the cursor to the end when editing a textfield

  • Fix a login issue

January 16th, 2019

New Features


  • Fix Layout issues in some IE versions

  • Projects were not loaded when recent projects were inconsistent

  • Show better error messages for Jira < 7.0

  • In some cases users were not able to login

  • Clearing the issuetype caused the UI to crash

  • Could not work with emails that have no sender (yes that can happen...)

  • Fields that were in the issue template but not in current create meta prevented the issue to be created

January 10th, 2019

Release of the new Beta for all customers. Currently only for Desktop (Outlook Windows, Mac and Web).

Beta is not available for Mobile.