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Changes Jira App

This section covers topics that are related to the Jira admin part & settings of the app.


This only applies to Jira Server. If you have an active Jira Cloud or Jira Data Center subscription, you’ll always get the latest features & fixes.

In the past we have been pretty liberal when it came to updates to the Outlook add-in - even if you did not have an active supported license, we rolled out fixes to everyone more often than not. The update to this new version will however require an active license, with support. The Atlassian Marketplace will allow you to renew your subscription, or if necessary, purchase a new license. Though this is standard practice when it comes to Jira apps, we still want to mention this, because the Outlook add-in technically is a separate piece of software.

Breaking changes

Before you update the Jira Server / Jira Data Center app from the Atlassian Marketplace, please be aware that there is one breaking change. If you have active templates (e.g. for defaulting values) that are being used in the old Outlook add-in, you will not be able to adjust those templates anymore with the new Jira app.

During the update, the Jira app will migrate the existing templates to a new format and save them in your Jira instance. Going forward, the new Outlook add-in only use these locally stored templates, whereas the old add-in will still use our server to access the templates.

As you don’t have any control over the update in Jira Cloud, you will not be able to adjust the templates for the old Outlook add-in anymore. Please contact us in case you need to update something and you cannot use the new version yet.

There should be no other breaking changes, so if you are not using templates, you’re fine to just update the Jira app.

During the update, we will create a new application link (on Jira Server / Data Center). This application link will be used by the new Outlook add-in. The old version will continue to use the existing application link.

Please do not delete the old application link just yet, you will break the connection of the old Outlook add-in to Jira. We will remove the old application link with a future update automatically. If you are sure no user is using the old add-in anymore, you may also go ahead and delete the old application link.