Per User

The per-user installer is the default download in the Jira admin area. If you quickly want to get started or distribute this to your users manually, this is usually the best option. It has the following benefits:

  • Does not require administrative rights to install

  • Has an automatic updater, which will keep the add-in fresh

Non-Administrative rights

To make it possible to run without administrative rights, our per-user installer installs itself into this folder:


If you do not want this, and instead prefer an installation to %ProgramFiles%, please check the other installer types.

Automatic updater

If you do not use a central software deployment at your company, keeping the users computer up to date is usually quite hard. For this reason, most popular software features an automatic update routine, which will keep the software up to date. Chrome & Firefox are certainly the most popular examples. For this reason, we also ship the per-user installer with an auto-updater. It will check for new versions of our add-in twice per day.

A few notes:

  • Software updates we deploy are digitally signed and cannot be forged

  • Software updates are always done via a secure TLS connection

  • We test updates often before releasing them to your users

If you want to learn more about the endpoints the updater uses, please check this article.

Internally, we currently have multiple release channels which cannot be chosen (yet). As we are currently early in the stage of rolling out V3, we try to release updates more often (every second week). This will become less frequent starting early 2020, at least for users not in a fast channel.