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Activate features

Microsoft 365 for Jira comes with a lot of features, not all of which might be useful in every Jira project. Having too many active tools in each and every issue can be distracting.

With our app you have the option to use certain app features only in specific Jira projects (e.g. the email feature is only available in specific Jira projects while the Teams feature is available in all of them).

The activation of features affects the visibility of these in your Jira (issues) and at the same time also affects the accessibility of Jira issues in Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

1. Activate features

Feature activation

Look for “Microsoft 365 for Jira” in the sidebar and click on “Getting started”.

Activate a feature and follow steps in the upcoming screens.

We guide you through .

Unsure about a feature? Follow arrows below to check out our short demo videos!

Feature overview

Not sure about a feature? Scroll down in your admin settings and learn more.

Take a look on our short video clips and activate a feature ight away.

Feature visibility

Activate a feature and configure its presence per Jira project, if you like. If not, toggle “active in all projects” and go ahead.

Note: Features for Outlook meetings, calendar and To Do work right away.

Activation done!

It only takes 2 clicks to activate a feature. That was quick!

Want to manage your features? See below under “Manage features”.

You can change the settings at any time. So feel free to try out the features in a test project before making them available for everyone.

2. Manage features

Set defaults for all projects

By clicking on “enable”, the feature will be available in all of your Jira projects.

“Disable” a feature again (for all your projects), if you wish to.

Project specific settings

You won’t need every feature in every project?

Select your project, toggle it on / off and make Microsoft 365 for Jira to fit your personal needs

3. Configure features

Configure your feature settings in more detail. Choose the feature in your sidebar of your admin settings and follow steps to configure it to your needs.