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Keep track of your daily tasks

Open Microsoft To Do right in your Jira issue to add personal tasks. They will be pushed to your Microsoft To Do list instantly.

This feature is only available for Jira Cloud!

Quick overview (in product)

Facts & Benefits

  • Benefit: Keep track with all your to do’s - business wise (Jira) and personal tasks (To Do)

  • Establish a sync between Jira and To Do and add personal to do’s in your Jira issue or vice versa

  • Decide between a simple and advanced sync

  • Simple: Set-up a basic sync to get started quickly

  • Advanced: Individualize the sync in more detail concerning issue criteria and specific sync options

  • Good to know: Work with your To Do’s in Outlook and block time for them

The interaction between To Do, Jira and Outlook

Start the sync

Sync Jira and Microsoft To Do and keep track of all your tasks.

Start simple (see screen) or advanced and have business dates from Jira and personal ones all available in your To Do lists.

Advanced mode

Configure the sync in more detail, if required.

E.g. only sync those issues with a critical due date in your “Priority” list in To Do to prioritize them.

Configure sync options

When setting up the sync in the advanced (see screen) mode you can define the sync in more detail.

Compared to the simple mode where you can only answer with yes or no.

Add personal to dos

In a meeting to an issue and want to add personal information to it?

Open To Do and add one or more personal to do’s and sync them individually in a chosen To Do list.

Access all to dos in To Do

Just after adding personal to dos you’ll get them synced in your chosen To Do list.

Jump to your Jira issue directly from To Do if required.

The benefit with Outlook

Finished the sync? Go to Outlook and open To Do there. Due to the sync you’ll get all your tasks in a separate sidebar to plan.

Add them to your calendar via drag & drop to block time for them.

Deactivate the sync

If you have new criteria for your sync or if you just want to deactivate the sync again, click on the red button in your project settings.


This short video clip is also available in our Jira admin settings - Getting started area.


  • Activation of To Do feature by Jira admin → the feature works right away!

  • Works only for Jira Cloud

  • Works with Microsoft 365 (To Do sync requires MS 365 log-in)

Configuration options