Add to Jira issues from Outlook

Feature overview

The email you received contains information you want to add to an existing Jira issue, but you dont remember which one it was? The app suggests an issue, but if you are looking for another one, simply use our advanced search (magnifying glass) and find the issue you were looking for.


  • Select an email you like to add to an existing issue → Go to ribbon (in Outlook) → Click on “Add to issue” → a new dialogue opens

Based on the content of the selected email, our app already provides/suggests an existing issue

  • If you know the issue to be added to → choose among Jira projects (drop down) or go with our app’s suggestion

  • If you do not know the issue to be added to → Click on magnifying glass → Choose among issue selection

  • Found the issue to be added to? → Click on the relevant checkbox → Hit the button “Add selected issue” → Click “Submit”. The email is now added to the issue

  • You find a comment in the email that the email has been added (and of course, the issue will appear in the sidebar, when searching for related issues)

Selected text COM ADD-IN

When using the COM add-in, you can also select a text in the email and add the selected text as a comment.

Outlook on the web is slightly different. Check this guide how to find the add-in online.

Service Desk features

When selecting a Service Desk issue, you can choose whether you want an external or internal comment. So the buttons change to ones from Jira: Share with customer and Comment internally.

Feature requirements

In order to create new Jira issues based on email content in Outlook, the following set-up and configuration needs to done:

Jira & Microsoft deployment

  • Jira Cloud, Server & Data Center

  • Microsoft 365 & MS Exchange